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MTB Game Demo release

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

The first playable demo version of the developing MTB simulator is ready for testing.

The demo version of the MTB Game simulator can be obtained with following link: http://clc.to/MTBGameDemo

The demo version implements just a small part of planned content and gameplay process. But it have enough to let you play and have fun for some hours or even days if you decide to pass all suggested trials on excellent mark. Of all planed game modes the demo version contains only MTB School that is represented by nine lessons. These lessons will teach you how to control speed, turn the bike, pass berms, how to pump, ride steep slopes, jump drops, gaps and tables, ride wooden bridges. Very long and difficult downhill trail is suggested for the final test! There is only one bike in demo version without any adjustments. There are also some limitations in control. To ride the bike is important to have a capability to tilt bike independent with respect the rider body. Due to simple rider model using in the demo version this capability does not presented, but all school lessons could be passed without it.

The first release means that it can have some errors or launch problems. Especially it is true for AMD processors and graphics cards. Unfortunately I have no such hardware to test it. So I hope you will help me. If you have any problems with this project on you computer, please, describe this problems in e-mail and send it to MTBGameDemo2019@gmail.com with attached file “shaders_log.bin” from the game folder. If program crashes during loading, please, download file https://drive.google.com/open?id=1b5Lx-Tg_gaT-zIy9YHJJ_HUxBcyL2wSy and run it from the game folder. After “application_loading_log.txt” file will appear, send it also with e-mail.

To successfully play this demo version following system requirements should be satisfied:

1. Operating system – Windows XP or newer

2. Processor – Intel i5 or better

3. GPU – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or better

4. RAM – 2 GB or more

5. Joystick or joypad

This game is simulator, so joystick is what you must have to enjoy playing. However, technically, all controls could be assigned to keyboard and mouse with pressed right button will control turn and move forward/backward channel. So, at least you may pass first two lessons without joystick.

The game allows to change some graphic settings, but this possibility does not represented in settings menu. To change graphic settings you should manually edit file “graphic_settings.txt” in the game folder. All parameters in this file are well described. If you are not satisfied with frame rate, first thing that you can change is to switch off the grass and second thing is change screen resolution.

Good luck and have fun with the first MTB simulator demo version!

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I am Aleksandr Kamaev – main and currently the only developer of the MTB Simulator. I like MTB riding and alpine skiing. In 2014 I’ve got PhD degree in computer science and my science scope of interests is computer vision, physically based modeling and computer graphics.


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