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MTB Game Demo arcade mode has been released

Arcade physics mode has been added to the MTB Game Demo mountain bike simulator. Now you do not need to train control skills to complete the courses offered at MTB School. There is also no joystick required - just a mouse and a keyboard. Arcade mode also allows you to explore the territory outside the tracks, which was difficult in the simulator mode, perform some tricks in jumps and ride on the rear wheel.

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I am Aleksandr Kamaev – main and currently the only developer of the MTB Simulator. I like MTB riding and alpine skiing. In 2014 I’ve got PhD degree in computer science and my science scope of interests is computer vision, physically based modeling and computer graphics.


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MTB game cross country trail
bike simulator rock riding
wooden jump in mtb simulator
nothshore in free MTB game
wall ride in mtb game simulator
wooden drop in mountain bike game
Wooden berm and drop in mtb game
start of downhill trail in mtb game
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small drop in mtb game demo

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