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About MTB Game Demo

The MTB Game Demo is the first playable release of developing project. It presents you nine lessons each of them can be passed on satisfactory, good or excellent mark. Demo version presents simplified bike dynamic. The degree of freedom that allows you to tilt the bike regardless of body inclination is not implemented yet. It leads to some problems in auto balancing on the low speeds, but can not prevent you from passing MTB school lessons.

To enjoy playing MTB Game Demo your computer should meet following requirement:

1. Operating system – Windows XP or newer

2. Processor – Intel i5 or better

3. GPU – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or better

4. RAM – 2 GB or more

5. Joystick or joypad (In simulator mode)

You can play this game without joystick in arcade mode, but in simulator (default) mode joystick is what you must have to enjoy playing. However, technically, all controls could be assigned to keyboard. The mouse with pressed right button will control turn and move forward/backward channel.

To change graphical settings you can edit “graphic_settings.txt” file from the game folder (all parameters are well described there). Also you can modify controls sensitivity by setting parameters in "controls_settings.txt" file.

It is the first release, so errors and launch problems are expectable. You can help me to solve them be providing a problem description with "shaders_log.bin" file (will appear in the application folder) to the following address:

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