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Mountain Bike Game 

First MTB Simulator

The main idea of the MTB Game project is to create simulator with maximum realistic bike and rider behavior. Without any compromise, without a single step towards the arcade. If something can not be controlled by human due to the absent of gravity sense it will not be omitted but will be deligated to the AI. It is also planned to recreate all basic trail features like rocks, roots, bumps, man made construction and so on. In future some real downhill courses will be reconstructed based on digital elevation maps, action video and GPS data. The visual component of the game is also important but it will be always at the second place after true physics and detailed content. In the near future many different bikes will not appear in the game but at least main types will be presented: downhill, enduro, trail, cross country and dirt bikes. Some bike settings are also going to be implemented: front and rear suspension stiffness, high and low speed compression and rebound, tires air pressure. Will these plans be implemented largely depends on you! Show your interest in the project, play the demo version, share your impressions, make suggestions and all plans come true!

about mountain bike simulator game
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System requirements:
MTB game runs in Windows
MTB simulator needs Intel Cort i5
GeForce GTX 660
MTB game for NVIDIA GTX 660
MTB Simulator with joystick, joypad, gamepad
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